Boise Weekly january 2018 Cover

As of January 2018 I have lived in Boise for over 12 years and have always been amazed how this growing community supports it artists and provides multiple opportunities to gain recognition.  Boise City offers multiple programs and grants to artist, coffee shops such as the Flying M host art shows, Co-Op Galleries, and organization such as the Treasure Valley Artist Alliance, and Swell offer multiple show opportunities. We have a fantastic fine art reproduction shop downtown in Evermore Prints.  There are also yearly events such as Art In The Park.  For a small community Boise is stacked with support for artist.

The Boise Weekly has featured artists on it cover ever since I came to Boise and I never thought I would have the opportunity to be on the cover. This is a very exciting thing for me and I am thrilled to have one of my favorite robot paintings to date on the cover for January 2018.  Thank you to everyone at the Weekly for making this happen. 

John Padlo - Evermore Prints, Boise, Idaho, January 2018

John Padlo - Evermore Prints, Boise, Idaho, January 2018